Quantum PV, INC

Quantum PV is a subsidiary of Desert Silicon LLC a Glendale, Arizona based company and is focused on the development of an Ultra High Efficiency (UHE) Solar Electric (photovoltaic) cell. The basis for this UHE cell is a material called Porous Silicon and Quantum PV's proprietary nanotechnology.

While about 90% of the world's photovoltaic cells are made from silicon, Quantum PV's use of Porous Silicon in conjunction with its proprietary development processes represents a significant leap forward from today's technology. The UHE cells show the promise of efficiencies far greater than those of the best photovoltaics on the market today. Their higher efficiencies result in a much smaller footprint (less surface area) required to produce the same amount of energy.

Press Release

Quantum PV has been established to develop a new, Ultra High Efficiency (UHE) solar cell...